K-ENT High Class Management announces worldwide business operations

After moving the headquarter of K-ENT High Class Management to Berlin, the increase of the company didn’t stop. Patrick Kronenberger, the owner of K-ENT High Class Management invested almost one year of hard work to realign the company. Now, K-ENT High Class Management has become a global player when it comes to VIP Public Relations in Music, Entertianment and Fashion. Kronenberger is working with countless people of the entertainment industry and is ready to enter new terrains. With Partners in Germany, Thailand, USA and the United Arab Emirates, there are only few things left that K-ENT is NOT able to do, but beeing an artist and innovative person himself, Kronenberger knows how to get them!

K-ENT High Class Management currently runs the following projects:

Burning-Music.de (Germanys biggets online news blog for rockmusic)
Hrvati-Frankfurt.net (The biggest online news blog for croatian people, living in frankfurt/germany)

VIP Public Relations:
Ralf Möller (German Actor, based in Los Angeles )
Adam Saaks (Fashion Designer and Cutting Artists, Los Angeles)
Gitta Saxx ( German Playmate of the Century, Djane, based in Austria)
Gisele Oppermann (Germany’s Next Topmodel by Heidi Klum)
SuperCircus (German/Thai Rockband developed in cooperation with Hall Entertainment Group)